December 23, 2012

War on Syria: Twitter News Jan Boeykens

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Jan Boeykens

On the news channels, I am daily bombarded with war propaganda and misleading information. I don’t accept it.

Jan Boeykens



21.12.2012: Our blog  with a lot of information about the War on Syria, has been blocked.

13.12.2012: The Syrian and Iraqi teams tie for 1-1 in the championship of western Asia for soccer: …

10.12.2012: 2011, 100 nations voted for U.N. resolution condemning illegal Israeli settlements and new constructions. The United States vetoed it.

10.12.2012: Russia Today Channel – highway of Damascus Airport is safe

10.12.2012: – For a Free Syria ! A Syria free of foreign powers. @Official_SEA

9.12.2012: British tax payers have fortunately a little football in their lives. @SANA_English

8.12.2012: Almost all Google links in favor of the Syrian government are dead. Google advertises exclusively info of U.S. government or the Pentagon.


Our blogs are blocked

Since a couple of days our blogs are blocked by the Belgian internetprovider Skynet which is part of the Belgacom Group.

It is possible that the blocking is the result of our critical and analytical publications  about the war on Syria. The Syrian News Agency SANA and other news sources were also regularly blocked or the links to more relevant articles on Google were dead.

The Belgacom group is the largest telecommunications company in Belgium, headquartered in Brussels. (NATO, the strong strategic military alliance of 28 European and North American states is also headquartered in Brussels)

Belgacom Group is primarily state owned, with the Belgian state holding 53.3% + 1 share.  The group works closely with the Israeli telecommunications industry and is using Israeli listening devices.


Some of the dead links on Google:

Our blogs which, according Skynet, we ourselves possibly would have destroyed…



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